Pea Ridge High School Athletics

Foundation Membership By-laws

Blackhawk Foundation 2014-15



President (2 year term)

Vice President (Athletic Director)

Treasurer (2 year term)

Secretary (2 year term)


Executive Committee- Officers and High School Head Coaches.

            President ?, Travis AD/VP, Treasurer ?, Secretary ?, Loyd BB, Walker BB, Woods VB, Meyers CH, King BA, Reynolds SB, Caton Track, Neal Golf, Wade CC


            *Should an officer not be able to fulfill their position, the executive committee members will appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term for the officer leaving.



One meeting will be held per month during the school year and as necessary in summer months (w/ minutes recorded and turned in to AD, Principal, and Supt.)

Additional meetings will occur when called by AD or President.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Blackhawk Foundation is to promote the program of athletics to the Pea Ridge School Campuses, local community, and alumni.

We will also provide a high level of support to the athletic programs through financial assistance and encouragement and support during contests. We are committed to providing a strong program of athletics at Pea Ridge School District.


Financial Structure

·         Blackhawk Foundation will make available funds to each sport on a prioritized basis as recommended by Athletic Director.

·         Blackhawk Foundation will also serve student athletes who require financial assistance as recommended by Head Coach.

·         Blackhawk Foundation may choose to take on additional projects and financial

            obligations as deemed necessary by AD.

·          Blackhawk Foundation finances will be run through a school activity account and Athletic Director will sign off and keep all transaction records.

·         Blackhawk Foundation will remain financially independent from school budgets, but will be financially responsible to school through an activity account.

·         Coaches will make a commitment to the Blackhawk Foundation to attend meetings and help with fundraising/events in turn maximizing profits for both entities.













Athletic Booster Club, hence forward referred to as the

“Blackhawk Foundation,” was formed in 2013. The purpose of the Club shall be to promote and support, in a manner consistent with the Character principles that are the foundation of our school, all athletes and athletic programs of PRHS through active member participation. The Club shall operate under policies and procedures approved by the Pea Ridge School Board of Directors. The Club shall be a non-profit organization established

for charitable, religious and educational purposes that qualify it for exemption under the

Pea Ridge School System’s 501©(3) of the IRS Code of 1954, as amended and the

Arkansas Nonprofit Corporation Act of 1993.




      SECTION 1: Membership in the Club shall be open to any parent, alumni, and/or friend of      

      the Pea Ridge School District.


SECTION 2: Memberships shall be for a one year term beginning at the start of each school

year. Membership shall entitle the member or members to voting privileges based upon the type of membership purchased. Membership shall be obtained by payment of the appropriate membership fee. Membership packets will be determined by the officers at the beginning of each year in order to accommodate our Faculty/Parents/Students. Single Memberships get

one vote and Family Memberships get two votes.


SECTION 3: All full-time coaches, the Athletic Director and the High School Principal shall be de facto members and will not be required to purchase a membership. They will be entitled to one vote.


SECTION 4: Members must be present at the meeting in order to vote.




SECTION 1: The officers of the Club shall be President, Vice-President will be Athletic Director, Secretary, and Treasurer


SECTION 2: In order to run for any office, a person must have paid for at least the Single



SECTION 3: Officers shall be elected by the membership present at a regularly scheduled

meeting in May. Their term shall begin at the conclusion of said meeting and they shall

remain in office for two (2) years. In 2013-14 officers will be elected in August. 


SECTION 4: A member shall not hold the same office for more than two (2) consecutive terms, but may be elected to another office, if they wish to run and return to an office.


SECTION 5: Any of the above named officers shall be subject to removal from office by

the Executive Committee upon showing of just cause and upon a two-thirds

vote of the membership present at a regularly scheduled meeting.




SECTION 1: The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation and shall

exercise and perform all the powers and duties usual and incidental to the office. The President shall preside at Executive Committee meetings and all special and regularly scheduled meetings of the Foundation. In the event of a vacancy in any office, the President shall appoint an interim officer, with the approval of the Executive Committee, until they bring a list of names before the Foundation, for a vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting.


SECTION 2: The Vice-President will coordinate and assign a chair for a

seasonal standing committee. The Vice-President shall act as President and perform all duties of the President during the President’s absence. Should the position of President become vacant, the Vice-President will serve out the term of the office.


SECTION 3: The Secretary shall be custodian of the records and shall take and transcribe

the minutes of all meetings. A hardcopy of the minutes shall be placed in the

High School office. The Secretary shall keep the official list of members by

name, address, phone number and email address when available. The

Secretary shall send, or designate to be sent, all communications, reports and

announcements to the membership.


SECTION 4: The Treasurer shall receive all monies, keep an accurate record of all receipts

and expenditures and shall present a statement of the account at each regularly

scheduled Foundation meeting. The Treasurer shall present to the PRSD Business

Manager a complete balance sheet by the 15th of each month for the previous

month. The Treasurer shall comply with the Activity Account Operating Procedures. All monies collected by The Blackhawk Foundation should be deposited into the bank account within two banking days after the close of each day when the money was initially received. The Treasurer shall keep a bank reconciliation that reconciles the bank statement to the bank

account on the balance sheet.




Standing committees are those required to function throughout the year. This may include,

but not be limited to the Executive Committee, the Concessions Committee, the Merchandise Committee, the Finance committee and the Seasonal Committees. Standing committees and their primary functions will be defined at the time of appointment. The Chairperson of all standing committees shall present the committee’s recommendations or plans of work to the Executive Committee and no project or work of the Foundation shall be undertaken without the approval of the Executive Committee. Committee chairpersons shall recruit as many members as necessary to discharge the responsibility of the committee. The Chairperson shall also keep a file of the year’s activities, for turnover to his/her successor.


SECTION 1: Nominating Committee – At least sixty (60) days before the regularly

scheduled May meeting, the President, with the concurrence of the Executive

Committee, shall appoint a Nominating Committee of at least three (3)

members. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of nominees (who

have agreed to serve) for positions of officers. Additional candidates shall be

nominated from the floor at the regularly scheduled May meeting. Installation

of the new officers shall take place at the conclusion of that same meeting.


SECTION 2: Executive Committee – The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers

of the Foundation and the High School Head Coaches. The Executive Committee shall:

(a) Approve the expenditure of all funds up to $1000 not included in the

annual budget. Any expenditure above $1000 shall be presented at a regularly

scheduled meeting for approval by membership.

(b) Appoint additional standing committees as may be required to promote the

spirit and purpose of the Foundation.

(c) Approve the President’s creation and dissolution of all necessary

Committees and Chairpersons.

(d) Act on behalf of the Foundation, if action is required before the next regularly

scheduled meeting or before it is reasonable to call a special meeting. The

President shall take such action based on the majority vote of the Executive

Committee. A report of the action taken shall be made at the next regularly

scheduled meeting.


SECTION 3: Membership Committee – The Membership Committee shall maintain a

complete and current list of all members, collect dues, and conduct an ongoing

effort to recruit new members.


SECTION 4: Concessions Committee – The Concessions Committee shall be responsible

for the management of concessions. The Concessions Committee shall:

(a) Recruit and schedule parent volunteers (representing the various sports

teams) to manage the concession for specific events.

(b) Record the concession expenses and revenues for each event.

(c) Acquire all provisions required for the concession stands.


SECTION 5: Merchandise Committee – The Merchandise Committee shall be responsible

for coordinating the promotion of school spirit through the purchase and sale,

at a nominal price, of apparel and memorabilia bearing the Pea Ridge Blackhawks

 logo. The Merchandise Committee shall:

(a) Set the hours of operation for sale of the merchandise at the games.

(b) Recruit the volunteer help required to sell the merchandise.

(c) Manage the inventory of the merchandise to meet the changing needs of

the student body.

(d) Record an accurate and timely account of revenues and expenses of the

sales and coordinate financial operations with the Foundation Treasurer.


SECTION 6: Finance Committee – The Finance Committee shall consist of the three (3)

officers and the Athletic Director. The committee shall operate under the financial guidelines set forth by the Pea Ridge School District System. The Finance Committee shall:

(a) Develop and submit a preliminary budget at the regularly scheduled

March meeting of each year for approval by the membership of the Foundation.

(b) Submit the final budget for approval at the regularly scheduled September


(c) Annually, receive requests for purchases from the coaches. These requests

will be reviewed and prioritized by the committee for approval by the membership.

(d) Review all requests for Foundation expenditures.





SECTION 1: Regularly scheduled or special meetings of the Foundation shall be announced

through school website ,and via email or by notice through text. Notification of special meetings shall be made at least five (5) days in advance.


SECTION 2: The order of regular meetings shall be:

A. Call to order

B. Review of the minutes

C. Treasurer’s Report

D. Standing Committee reports

E. Old Business

F. New Business

G. Other

H. Adjournment




All votes of the Foundation shall require a quorum to be present. 3 or more paying members,

not including officers, shall constitute a quorum. Unless a quorum is not present the executive committee can decide votes by majority.




Proposed amendments to the By-laws are to be submitted in writing to the Executive

Committee. The proposal shall be rewritten in current by-law format and submitted to

membership for approval. Proposed amendments to the By-laws shall be publicized to

membership by email or school website at least two (2) weeks prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting. Changes to the By-laws require a two-thirds vote of the membership present.




In the event it becomes necessary to dissolve the Blackhawk Foundation, its

assets shall be turned over to Pea Ridge School System to be used to supplement the

programs of Pea Ridge High School, as it’s administration deems proper.






{C}1.      The Blackhawk Foundation  activity account(s) shall be maintained as the operating account of PRSD. The Athletic Director will be listed on the account and have access.


2. The authorized signors on the PRSD Blackhawk Foundation account will be

The Vice President and the Treasurer. The payee of any Debt must never be the signor of

the check.


3. All deposits into the Blackhawk Foundation Activity account shall be clarified for deposit before being given to the Treasurer to insure proper documentation prior to deposit. Monies must be deposited in a timely manner.


4. Request for reimbursement and invoice payment will only be accepted from Blackhawk Foundation Executive Committee Members. All requests must have a receipt or invoice

attached and should be submitted to the Treasurer within sixty (60) days after the date

of the purchase.


5. Check request for reimbursement or purchase in excess of $100 and all check

requests from PRSD administration must be approved by the Blackhawk Foundation Executive Committee.


6. The PRSD Athletic Treasurer shall keep an accurate and up to date record of all

deposits and disbursements and shall prepare a financial report monthly.


7.. In order to comply with IRS regulations, all individuals and unincorporated

businesses must be paid for their services by check. Prior to payment, the following

information must be collected by the Blackhawk Foundation Treasurer and submitted to the Business Manager: Name, Address and Social Security Number